catnip, oatstraw, skullcap, milky oats, mullein, lavender & orange peel

A comforting tea to unify all that divides you.

Comforting and herbaceous, this gentle tisane has been crafted to promote relaxation.  Catnip & Lavender have been used historically to gently encourage sleep, while skullcap, oats & mullein soothe and restore overworked nerves.  Finished with touches of orange peel for a bit of citrus light.  Wonderful for quiet moments and as a nightcap. 

Best enjoyed hot before bed or anytime you need to calm down.  Also try with a dash of milk and a little raw honey.

Made with 100% organic plants.  Handcrafted in Brooklyn in small batches for optimal vitality.  Slight variations in appearance and taste may occur due the terroir of the farms the herbs are sourced from.

1 oz loose tea.  Makes approximately 25 cups of tea. 

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