INITIAL MEETING: Before I accept any work or begin to work on a project I like to start by having a conversation with the client to discuss any key features about the site and establish expectations - get on the same page.


DESIGN: The client will set up an account with Squarespace (if they need help, I am happy to assist), and give me the login info. Once the account has been set up I will begin to draft the initial designs and keep contact to make sure creatively, we are on the same page. Throughout the entire process they will have access to their website and will be able to view it as it is being built. I do this in order to prevent a design misunderstanding between myself and the client. Having multiple opportunities to review and make changes to the site ensures that any changes just prior to the launch should only be minimal.


STYLE + CONTENT: During this process I begin to personalize their website by adding their content and styling it to match their unique style. Much of this process is dependent on making sure any and all information they want to incorporate is sent to me. The quicker a client can provide this information in an organized manner means the faster site can be completed.


LAUNCH: The final step involves one last look over all the content and testing for functionality. Once the website has passed all the tests, they set up the date to go live! In the days leading up to the live date I will continue to monitor the site and ensure everything is in place to have a successful launch.


COST:I charge $50/hr with a minimum of 10 hrs of work...if it seems it will take longer than 10 hours, I will be sure to let the client know in advance so we can discuss a plan moving forward. This being said, and just for reference, the largest site I have built, for a publishing house, took about 20hrs...and that was a pretty big project. These don't sound all that of now I think 10-15 hours seems about right.