african red rooibos, alfalfa, milky oats, cinnamon, raw cacao, star anise & vanilla

Indulge in nourishment with this rich red rooibos brew.

Fair trade red rooibos from mountain peaks of South Africa meets nourishing milky oats and alfalfa in this rich earthy blend.  Rooibos has a naturally semi-sweet flavor which is highlighted in this blend by star anise; add true Ceylon cinnamon, cacao and vanilla and you have a tea that is spicy and smooth, nourishing and grounding.  Rooibos is valued the world over for its health benefits; it is known to be high in antioxidants, trace minerals and nutrients.  Milky Oats are best known for their ability to nourish the nervous system while cinnamon and cacao are praised aphrodisiacs and energizers.  Enjoy Sweet Roy plain or as a sweet treat with milk and raw honey.  It will pacify Vata types and keep you warm and centered throughout the long winter months.  Best served hot.

Made with 100% organic plants and fair trade red rooibos and true ceylon cinnamon.  Handcrafted in Brooklyn in small batches for optimal vitality.  Slight variations in appearance and taste may occur due the terroir of the farms the herbs are sourced from.

2.75 oz loose herbal tea.  Makes approximately 25 cups of tea.

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